Liquid Basics


Liquid Basics exploits a value gap in the undergraduate recruitment process in which many individuals find difficult to navigate. Resumes, interviews, internships and full-time careers are important to most individuals. Liquid Basics is here to help students successfully navigate the the many steps to landing offers while building a core network.

It is human nature to want to know what is coming next. Which is why Liquid Basics is using a proprietary approach to develop current research and innovation activity happening across various industries. The following result explore these transformational ideas to economic realities for the future of students.

We use these assets to help individuals find internships and full-time jobs while establishing a professional network. Creating invaluable assets while encouraging an advancement in the greater collective enlightenment of all individuals. Welcome to Liquid Basics. Don't forget to subscribe below!

Who We Are


Forward Thinking Is Our Strong Suit. Liquid Basics is a unique company founded by Calvin Gadson in 2016. The founder has industry experience across multiple sectors including engineering, investment banking, computer science and programming, business, finance, economics and industrial related disciplines.

Calvin Gadson is currently an Industrial and Systems engineer at the number one university in the world for industrial engineering. He has been featured in multiple recruiting efforts including the Georgia Institute of Technology Industrial Engineering undergraduate recruiting campaign. Click here to see the campaign.

Calvin Gadson is currently an incoming SA for Goldman Sachs Securities division in New York. In introducing Liquid Basics to the world Calvin Gadson has guided an effort to help change the lives of others in order to encourage an advancement in the greater collective englightment of all individuals.